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We offer intensive, drill-based English Mastery and supplemental Educational Programs for Spanish-speaking adults seeking to expand their economic potential, employment opportunities, and social influence.
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Our program consists of a tiered curriculum, with five (5) levels in all.  Each level, moving from #1 on through #5, building on the skills and knowledge acquired in the previous level.  Students must pass an exit exam for each level before moving on. 
Each level offers its own carefully structured collection of Grammar, Verbs, and Vocabulary, moving from the basic to higher and higher levels of Mastery.

-Classes A & B – Clases A & B
-General Concepts – Conocimientos Generales
-Air Brakes – Frenos de Aire
-Combination Vehicles – Vehiculos de Combinacion
-English/Spanish -Ingles/Espanol
-Classes with an Instructor/Visuals – Clases con Maestro/Visuales
-Six Weeks’ Duration ­– Siez Semanas Duracion
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The Place to Learn English/El Lugar de Aprender Ingles

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